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What we have done

    1. "Dialogs via hand made"
    A large-scale project aimed at socialization of children, youth and family by means of handicraft creative work which so
    far has been put into action by two recent programs: the creative exchange program "Cross-border art" under the auspices of
    the Nordic Council of Ministers and "Russia and America talk via hand made" held with the support of the Small Grants
    Program of the US Embassy and turning mutual stereotypes into hand made.


    2. "Ladushki"
    A project directed at the establishment of a Family Center under the auspices of the Social Policy Board of the government
    of St. Petersburg. The project included a wide range of rehabilitation activities, such as psychological counseling,
    leisure activities, handicraft workshops, and other methods of social rehabilitation.


    3. Chance and choice for everyone"
    Youth program which includes a number of organisational games, trainings and seminars developing independent
    decision-making and active leadership.


    4. Printing center "Watermelon" and "Hand made mania" handicraft studio
    Two projects on social enterpreneurship consisting in provision of new working places and employing people with
    disabilities, housewives and talented young people which allows them to reach confidence and independence.

    - The social shop.
    All those who have material necessities by the way of interchange can get clothes, medicines and another stuff;

    - The system of social request.
    Everyone can place an order for all the necessary things or service;

    - Family “Friends Club”.
    Young and middle aged people who have gotinto difficult living situations are provided with psychological and moral help;

    - The club for elderly people “Active Longevity”.

    The elderly people get an opportunity to communicate and take part in different groups according to their interests.


    • - The project “Woman’s Hands”.
      During the carrying out of this project, 17 people went through studying process, 2 people were employed, and 7 people were engaged in home based work. There were 6 exhibitions of the project implementators organized in Lenexpo Hall, Michaelovsky Manezh and in theSt. Petersburg suburbs, Kolpino and Sestroretsk. They were granted an appreciation and diplomas.

    - Ecological projects were developed;

    - Speech Developing and Correction Project for children and teenagers;

    - Medical and Social Aid Project to elderly people;

    - Cultural and National Tradition Restoration Project.


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