Sky High Industry

St. Petersburg


  • - We want people of all ages and social groups to feel
    the support of the society they live in.
  • - We aim at getting people together on the basis of human values,
    and we rely on tradition and culture in attaining it.
  • - We want our partners to learn to receive by giving.
  • - We provide psychological help to people in crisis.
  • - We supply legal and consulting service.
  • - We support different social groups of people providing education
  • - service and occupation guidance.
  • - We participate in international exchange programs.
  • - We hold seminars and entertainments.
  • - We provide free stuff and take part in humanitarian actions.

- We work in close cooperation with specialists and authorities

  • protecting the interests of unsupported social groups.
  • - We foster people’s citizenly interest in public matters.




contact us

_Sablinskaya Str., 13/15
_St. Petersburg, 197136

_Tel/ fax (812) 232-3344


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